Can I Hygge it? (Yes you can)

Ok guys, it’s close. I mean, it’s actually nearly here. Even when you live in Bella Italia, winter can drag on and leave you counting down the days ‘til when you can feel the warmth of the glorious sun on your skin. Ok, well, spring might not be that hot, but at least it’s one step closer to the summer. And now that we are in the month of March, the hope of spring seems that little bit closer. But, let’s not wish our lives away I hear you say. And I agree. ‘Cos those nearly spring nights are so darn cold and there’s still time to enjoy wrapping yourself up in a cosy blanket and reading a good book (or at least having the intention of reading a good book, even if you never actually got round to it because you haven’t turned off autoplay on Netflix and accidentally finished a season in one evening, but you know what I’m getting at). Even though the sun and clear blue skies like to tantalize us with a sneak peek of what’s to come, we gotta keep it real guys. And we gotta be honest. As soon as we walk in the shady part of the street we feel that shudder and chill of the truth. It’s only March.

So I say, embrace the hygge. Say what now? You heard me. Embrace the hygge. No, really, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. Can you Hygge it? What? (Yes you can). Oh you’re not talking about that Danish buzzword from last year, are you? Actually, yes. I am.

So what the hygge is it all about anyway? Well, just in case you didn’t get round to reading last years must-read book ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ (for Netflix reasons mentioned above), it’s the Danish word for ‘homeliness’, ‘koselig’, ‘gezelligheid’ and many more words many languages have attempted to describe, but apparently the Danish just do it better.

It’s more than a word, it’s an art form. The art of creating the perfect amount of cosy-ness; the joy of staying in with friends on a cold night rather than going out; it’s the feeling you get when you snuggle up next to an open fire, the warmth of eating a home-baked cake freshly out the oven, the comfortable snug-ness you feel in your favourite pair of thick winter socks that make your day that much more bearable. It’s the dim lighting in your favourite bar and the imperfect sound of an old favourite playing on the record player. It’s quite simply. The hygge.

*At this point I should probably confess that this beautiful word is not pronounced ‘hig’ as I like to imagine it, but ‘hooga’ (which ruins the whole ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ reference to the song ‘Can I kick It?’). Dunnit? But I digress.

While March is exciting because it’s one step closer to spring, we know that deep down we do embrace nature, we do accept mother nature’s ways (even if we really would like to totally unwind on some gorgeous beach soaking up the heavenly rays of sun) and with a little help of hygge we can manage to plough on, enjoying each moment until the sun does eventually come out and stay out.

So, can we Hygge it? Yes we can.


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